Our after school activities are always a real treat and allow children to nourish their spirits and explore the worlds of art, science, music, sports, and even chess and Irish dancing. Some activities cost a small fee, while others are completely free – so there will always be something to do when the final bell has rung.


Activity: Music
Classes: All
Time: 2.40pm
Contact: Ms. Lyndsey Ahern  086 8461559

Activity: Art
Classes: 1st - 6th class
Time: 2.40 - 3.30
Cost: €20 every 4 weeks
Contact: Ms. Murphy
Starting after Halloween


Activity: Hurling
Classes: 4th - 6th class
Time: Lunchtime at present
Cost: FREE
Contact: Mr. Cuddihy

Irish Instrumental Music Comhaltas  


Activity: Athletics
Classes: 4th - 6th class
Time: 2.40 - 3.15
Cost: FREE
Contact: Mrs. Murphy, Ms. Buckley

Activity: Science          
Time:   1.40 - 2.30 Infants
2.40 - 3.30 other classes      
Contact: 'Anyone for Science' 087 6749608
Starting 19th Sept.

Activity: Basketball
Classes: 4th to 6th
Time: Lunchtime
Cost: FREE
Contact: Ms. Whelan



Activity: Chess                           
Classes: 1st - 6th class               
Cost: €5 per week
Contact: Seamus Duffy 087 3141029
Starting 13th Sept.

Activity: Gaelic Football
Classes: 4th - 6th class
Time: Lunchtime (at present)
Cost: FREE
Contact: Mr. Earls, Mr. Ahern

Activity: Irish Dancing
Classes: All classes
Time: 2.40 - 3.40
Cost: €35 for 5 weeks
Contact: Orlagh Carty - 086 2559694
Starting 13th Sept. 


Activity: Soccer                          
Classes: 1st - 6th class               
Contact: Robbie Dover 087 3141029