Music is hugely beneficial to the development of a happy and healthy mind, which is why we encourage our students to make beautiful music with our school choir and orchestra. Our music room is a place where students can learn, collaborate with each other, and discover a hobby that could last a lifetime.


Music Classes with Mr. Dunne

We are lucky to have Mr. James Dunne come in to our school to give expert tuition to our pupils from 2nd class up. He teaches them singing, to read music and how to play different musical instruments, starting with the recorder. He also leads our school orchestra.

School Orchestra

Children who love music might be interested in joining the school orchestra. The highly experienced Mr. Dunne teaches the pupils to play brass, woodwind and percussion instruments. There is a concert at the end of the year where parents and pupils are entertained.

8.15am, Tuesday morning, St. Patrick's N.S.
3.00pm, Tuesday afternoon, Holy Rosary N.S.

Music Generation

We are lucky that our school is benefiting from the Music Generation scheme again this year. This project is designed to introduce music to children from a very young age and one which will generate a love for music while also teaching children some of the many skills of music. The project is being jointly funded by Irish rock band U2 and the Ireland fund which is USA based. This year the pupils of Junior Infants, Senior Infants and first class will be enjoying the experience of Music Generation. The tutor assigned to our school is Lindsey Aherne.


Pupils from 4th to 6th class are in the choir.  The choir prepares for occasions such as the turning on of the Christmas lights and the sacraments.