Book Week 2016

Book Week starts next Monday, 1st February. The Scholastic book fair will be coming to our school.On Monday or Tuesday, all classes, except infants, will have a chance to view the books that are available at the fair. These classes will return to the hall on Wednesday,3rd February, with their money to purchase books. So all classes, except infants, will be time tabled twice, once to view the books and on a subsequent day to return and purchase.


Monday, 1st February:

Viewing books only    

1.15 pm Ms. Kissane's 1st class                                           

1.45 pm Ms. Quinn's 1st/2nd class              

 2.10 pm Ms. Murphy's  2nd class


Tuesday, 2nd February: Apart from infants, everyone else is viewing, not buying. 11.10 Ms. O'Leary's 3rd class 11.30 Mr. Cuddihy's 4th/5th class 11.50 Ms. Neilan's 5th/6th class 12.10 Ms. O'Byrne's 4th class 1.10 Ms. Lawlor's class 1.40 - 2.40 Infant parents and children buy their books.

Wednesday, 3rd February: Classes buy their books. 11.15 Ms. Kissane's 1st class 11.35 Ms. Quinn's 1st/2nd class 11.55 Ms. Murphy's 2nd class 1.10 Ms. O'Leary's 3rd class 1.30 Ms. Neilan's 5th/6th class 1.50 Mr.Cuddihy's 4th/5th class 2.20 Ms. O'Byrne's 4th class