Green Schools Action Day

Wednesday, March 22nd, was 'Green Schools' Action Day'.  It was also 'World Water Day'. 'World Water Day is an international observance and an opportunity to learn more about water related issues, be inspired to tell others and take action to make a difference'.

In Kenya a young girl travels an average daily distance of 6km by foot, carrying up to 20 litres of water on the journey.  As a result of the time it takes to collect water, many girls are unable to remain in education and without education find themselves caught in a cycle of poverty.  This directly impacts on the food security of a young woman, family or community.

'Walk for Water' helps kids understand what many children their age in developing countries must do every single day, often at the expense of being in school.We walked 6km in total as a school.  Each class did two laps of the school.

Our pupils wore blue on 'World Water day'. 

They made water pledges:  We pledge to :

  • encourage family , friends and neighbours to conserve water
  • turn off the tap while washing our hands or face
  • turn off the tap while brushing our teeth
  • fill up a bucket when watering our school plants rather than using a hose

The pupils did artwork on the theme of water safety/ways to save water.  They learned the song, 'Let's go save water'.

Members of the RNLI came in to speak to the pupils about water safety.   Paul Sillery, a former pupil of our school, gave a very interesting talk.  Stan, their mascot, also came to visit us.

St. Pats Admin