Yellow Flag Awarded!

We are delighted that The Irish Traveller Movement has informed us that St Patricks NS Wicklow will be awarded its Yellow Flag in 2018. 'We would really like you to convey to the diversity committee, students, staff team, Board of Management and parents our congratulations and our appreciation of the work you put into the Yellow Flag.  I want to wish you all the best for the new school year and ongoing work as  one of the newest Yellow Flag schools!'


Our Yellow Flag journey began in 2016 when we were fortunate to be picked to become a yellow flag school. We circulated Yellow Flag questionnaires, to both pupils and parents, and through these we discovered more about the identity of our school members. Our diversity committee in 2017 – 2018 is Dominik, Harry, Mikey, Nellie, Evan, Leo, Alfie, Jack, Ciarán, Shea, Manuel, Ms. Hudson and Ms. Lappin.

Since our Diversity Committee was formed we have had regular meetings where we chat about how we feel the races, ethnicities and cultural groups within our school are represented and celebrated.  We discuss class projects which are being carried out, games and work situations where we remember the importance of including everyone and class situations where we explore topics such as anti-racism, human rights, other cultures and traditions.Through lessons which our teachers help us to explore in our classrooms we would like to show that our school is inclusive and we welcome people from all countries and cultures.  We would like to show that we can all learn from each other and learn together. Together, we will include everyone in our school, and as we do this we will work towards earning our Yellow Flag.

About Yellow Flag

The Yellow Flag Programme provides a practical series of 8 steps that brings issues of interculturalism, equality and diversity into the whole-school programme and allows schools to apply them to the day to day running of the school. It works with students, staff, management, parents and wider community groups so that issues of diversity and equality are not merely seen as "school subjects" but can be understood and taken outside the school setting into everyone's personal lives. 
In parallel with the Green Schools, the Yellow Flag programme is an award scheme, therefore; on completing these steps, and being assessed externally, the school is awarded its "Yellow Flag" in recognition of its work in promoting diversity & inclusion. The award is publicised locally, and the school can fly its flag with pride and use the logo on its official correspondence.