Basketball Match

During the school year we have played basketball on Mondays after school.  We invited a neighbouring school to play a friendly match and the date was set for May 16th at 1.45pm.

The Glebe school sixth class children arrived at our school all set for a good challenge.  David, a former parent of their school was asked to referee the match.  We played a set of four 8 minute quarters, thus giving all players a good chance to be involved.  

St. Patrick's were ahead at first but The Glebe soon got comfortable in their new court.  The game was very close, both teams were evenly matched.  St. Patrick's were ahead to the final minutes of the game but it was The Glebe who scored the winning basket!

We all shook hands and we thanked our visitors for such a sporting game.  An invitation for a rematch was issued by The Glebe N.S. to be played on their own court.  We really look forward to this.

Josephine O'Flynn